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Davie Rehab Ministry 2022 Update


Southeast Florida Women’s Rehab Ministry Campus

Pastor Rick Fernandez – Executive Director
“God has blessed Davie Women’s Rehab with new life impact and new growth in 2020.”

1. New Campus Renovations Help Students Feel Like Family in 2021
feels like family 

Our students experience a powerful family experience at Davie Women’s Rehab in South Florida. We are located in the  middle of a residential neighborhood  and just like the homes and families in the neighborhood, we consider ourselves one of those families as well. Over a 52 week-long program, our residents are embraced just as their families would embrace them.  In 2020, we’ve expanded our campus to ensure a space that cultivates the family experience.  The focus of our programs and staff encourages collaboration and community involvement.

With currently 8 students, these new changes will allow us to add 8 more students comfortably in the coming months. You’ll see below, additional office space was added to the Jennifer Forman Great Room, allowing the Administrative Offices to move from the main house. This frees up offices that are now used for counseling our students, which is vital to their success. Here are the new home additions to Southeast Florida Women’s Rehab:

The New Ophelia Hall Classroom

This building serves as a classroom, where students each have their own private study stations and a group library.  The stationary conference tables are the ideal setting for Group lectures and interaction.  On Family Days, families meet at the Ophelia Hall to participate in their ongoing Family Education. 

The Cairns Family Room

The Cairns  Family Room – A warm and inviting room where students gather to fellowship and watch uplifting movies on Movie Night.

The Jennifer Forman Great Room

A recent addition, this serves as a gathering place that facilitates on-ground events, throughout the year, including:

  • Family Days
  • Graduations
  • Chapels
  • Holiday gatherings
  • Recreational use for students and families on visitation

The Cairns Event Veranda

The Cairns  Event Verandais the spot for fun events and celebrations. With additional seating, we bring in families to see their students, eat together, and rejoice in the growth and accomplishment the residences have experienced. 

2. Student Graduate Testimonies in 2021


When I think of the story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead, I am reminded of what He did for me. I was dead and hopeless, but Jesus called me out of the grave and brought me back to life. Before coming into the program, I thought my family relationships were beyond repair.  Teen Challenge has restored my family and I am so grateful.



When I came into Teen Challenge, I was broken and had wounds that I didn’t think could be healed.  While there, God’s love consumed me and touched every part that needed healing. I learned that God had a plan and a purpose for my life and He loved me unconditionally.    

3. Davie Women’s Rehab 30 Years of History

In 1988, the Davie Women’s Home had small beginnings helping women with addiction in a leased duplex located in downtown Fort Lauderdale.  The need for help was great and in 1995 the Women’s Home moved 15 minutes southwest of Fort Lauderdale to its new home nestled in the small town of Davie, known for its equestrian appeal.  Women are welcomed into this large, well-maintained home that sits on 2 acres of beautifully landscaped property.  Located only 15 minutes from the beach, the Davie Women’s Home offers a place of restoration in a tropical setting of palm trees and South Florida charm. 

Our Family Timeline:

  • 1988– Rick & Donna Fernandez took over the crisis center; a 2-4 week program with a 4 bed capacity in Fort Lauderdale
  • 1995– The purchase of the Davie Women’s Home on 2 acres of property in west Broward with a 12-bed capacity
  • 2004– Chapel/multi-purpose room built and dedicated as the “Ophelia Hall- “A Place of Healing, Joy, and Restoration
  • 2007– Outdoor pavilion, storage, and laundry facility was added
  • 2013 Celebrated 25 years of ministry and service in the South Florida area
  • 2018– Marks 30 years of miracles
  • 2019– The Great Room was completed and is our multi-purpose gathering facility.
  • 2019 – The Ophelia Hall became the permanent Education Center.
  • Today– The Davie Women’s Home can house 16 ladies who work towards freedom and find God’s purpose for their lives to become the people they were created to be.

Milestones at SE Florida Women’s Center

30 YEAR STATS (1988- 2018)

  • 77,000 –  Calls for Help
  • 600 – New Students
  • 139 – Graduations
  • 253,000 – Heard the Message of Hope

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